I had just posted a genealogy cartoon on my facebook page a few days ago. Last night, the saying on it turned out to be very true. About 2am this morning I finally shut my computer down.

Every evening is a constant battle between spending one more hour on genealogy or getting 6 good hours of sleep. Genealogy usually wins.

While working on the Richmond family of my Genealogy, I came across a link to the “Genealogical History of the Richmond Family.” It is on the blog of Captain James Davis Genealogy. Wow! The post showed the American part of the Richmond family back many generations. There is even a photo of the Richmond Castle today. [It is a bit aged.]

“Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following. For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.” (Psalms 48:12-14 KJV)

Richmond Family in England, view from Richmond Castle ©WikiC

Here is another view of the Richmond Castle:

Richmond, North Yorkshire, England, stands in a commanding position above the River Swale, close to the centre of the town of Richmond.

“The ancestors of the American Richmonds were, if tradition may be credited, related to Alan Rufus the first earl, who built the castle.” “That they were originally of royal descent is not much questioned by English genealogists. Francis Thackeray, uncle of William Makepeace Thackeray, was descended from the Richmond’s of Wiltshire. He compiled a record of the Ashton-Keynes-Radborn branch, which corresponded with the recognized English ancestry of the American branch, except that he came to the conclusion that the American Richmonds descended through Roald, son of Roaldus. On the contrary, General Plantagenet-Harrison asserts his confident belief that the American line descended from Alan, son of Roaldus, le Ennase, claiming that his son Roald had no children. fn6. Allen’s “History of Yorkshire.”

“A generation ago Colonel John Richmond Webb, of the Wiltshire Richmond’s, said that he “could prove lineal descent from Edward I. and that his first ancestor, Roaldus de Richmond, rode by the side of William the Conqueror at Hastings field.” He added, “We were gentlemen when the Churchill’s were horse-boys.” [Excerpts for the article mentioned above.]

My 24th Great Grandfather was “Roaldus Musard de Richmondwho was with William the Conqueror at Hastings. He was one of the most powerful leaders accompanying the Norman invader into England in 1066.”

23rd – Hasculfus Musard de Richmond

22nd – Roaldus de Richmond, le Ennase, second constable of Richmond Castle, and Graciana, his wife

21st – Sir Alan, son of Roald de Richmond, was the third constable of Richmond Castle – during reign of Richard L, 1189 and during reign of John 1201

20th – Sir Roald de Richmond, “fourth constable of Richmond Castle. In 1208 King John gave to him various lands” and during “reign of Henry III., 1240”

19th – Alan Richmond de Croft, “He claimed lands in Roppele, Clareworth, Wurthington, and Newland, county of Lincoln, in right of his wife, in the forty-third year of the reign of Henry HI., 1259. He married Mathilda, daughter and coheir of Peter de Goldington

18th – Sir Roald Richmond de Croft, “He died in the forty-sixth year of the reign of Henry III., 1262.” “Sir Roald Richmonde de Croft married Isabella, daughter and heir of Robert, son of Osanna de Langthwayt, by Isabella his wife.”

Richmond-coat-of-arms3 London

17th – Eudo de Richmond,had possessions in Staynwriggis, county of York.”

16th – Elyas de Richmond, “lived during reign of Edward III.” (1327-77)

15th – Elyas de Richmond, “live during reigns of Edward III and Richard H (1327-99)

14th – Thomas de Richmond, married Alice about 1430. “daughter and heiress of Thomas and Elizabeth (Nicholas) Webb of Draycott, Wilts County. Upon his marriage he assumed the name of Webb and quartered the Webb arms.

12th – William Richmondalias Webb of Draycott, married Joan Ewen, daughter of John Ewen of Draycott. Had will in 1502.

11th – William Richmond, “alias Webb of Stewkley Grange, Bucks County, married, 1st, Dorothy Lymings, daughter of John Lymings of Notts County, and 2d, Marjory Choke, daughter of John Choke of Shelborne, Wilts County. He was living in Wilts in the reign of Henry VIII”

10th – Edmund Richmondalias Webb of Durnford, Wilts County, was living in 1575. His wife was Mary Weare, daughter of Robert Weare, alias Brown of Marlborough.

9th – Henry Richmond, alias Webb, 1555-1634, “lived at Christian Malford, Wilts County. He was married four times and had twenty-five children. From this Henry Richmond are descended the Richmond’s of Ashton-Keynes, England.” [this is the part of the family that came to America.]

8th – John Richmond, 1594-1664, eldest son, was in Civil War between King Charles and the parliament. He and his brother Henry were on two different sides of the war. John was with King Charles and Henry was with Cromwell. Accidentally shot his brother Henry, who died.

“One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” (Psalms 145:4 KJV)

I JOHN RICHMOND, the first American ancestor. Born 1594 in Ashton-Keynes, Wiltshire, England. Came to America in 1635 and was sixth part owner and founder of Taunton, Massachusetts. He died in Taunton, March 20, 1664. Married Elizabeth Christian in England.

7th – JOHN RICHMOND II, 1627-1715, Married Abigail Rogers, daughter of John Rogers I and Anna Susana Churchman, granddaughter of Thomas Rogers, who came to America on the Mayflower.

6th – Edward Richmond III, 1665-1741 Married Mary Mercy Thurston, 1671-1711 “was born in Taunton, Mass., February 8, 1665. He died in 1741. Married, 1st, Mercy; 2d, Rebecca Thurston; 3d, Mary.”

5th – Nathaniel Richmond Sr., 1700-1763, married Mary Alice Hackett, 1715-1763 “Taunton; killed in the Louisburg expedition. M., November 2, 1732, Alice Hackett.”

4th – Nathaniel Richmond Jr., 1733-1813, married Mary Richmond (2nd Cousin) and then Sarah Damon, 1753-1791 in 1777. Their daughter, Sarah Sally Richmond begins the Richmond name in my ancestry.

3rd – Sarah Sally Richmond, (1778-1842) married Chester Hammond (1778-1842)

2nd – Chester Hammond II, 1800-1857, married Sophronia P. Cady (1813-1898)

Great Grand Mother – Rosetta R. Hammond, (1842-1915) married Lucius Townsend Bushnell (1839-1905)

Grand Father – Horace Chester Bushnell, (1867-1952), married Julia Caroline Wood (1862-1948)

Mother – Gertrude Viola Bushnell, 1900-1957), married my father, Harry Otto Boles (1994-1947)

Me, Lee (1963-)

“The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” (Psalms 12:6-7 KJV)

Do you see why I was up so late?

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