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Boles Family – Boles, Harry Otto – 1894-1947

Articles about Boles Family starting with my father and links to his decedents and ancestors:


Harry Otto Boles

BIRTH 3 FEB 1894  Greenfield, Hancock, Indiana, USA

DEATH 24 DEC 1947  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

My Father’s parents were:

Wesley W Boles 1 May 1855 – 3 August 1946 [b. Indiana – d. Anderson, Indiana]

Elizabeth Rachael Holden 1 Feb 1856 – 21 March 1942 [Harrison, Dearborn, Ohio, USA –  d. Anderson, Indiana]

My Father was married three times and had nine (9) children:

  • Married Ruth M Currie – 1895-1973
    • Son – Stanley Alonzo Boles 1913-1954
  • Married Amelie M. Schneider – 1899-2011
    • Charlotte Emilie Boles – 1921-2015
    • Elsie Marie Boles – 1922-2003
  • Married Gertrude Viola Bushnell – 1900-1957


Twins Born Two Different Years

Honoring Those Who Have Served Our Country

[Private used because they are still living, except Larry in article.]

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