Daniel Winfield Dusing

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12 NKJV)

Today is Father’s Day, and it is time to introduce Daniel Winfield Dusing. This is my husband, Daniel Denton Dusing’s father.

Daniel W. was born on September 15, 1910, in Glendive, Montana after his family had moved there from Indiana. Daniel Winfield’s father Homer Charles Dusing (1874-1953) and his wife, Clara May Mullen (1883-1947), moved first to Missouri soon after marrying, and had their first two children there in 1901 and 1903. For some reason they moved back to Indiana. They had two more children in 1906 and 1908. They show up on the 1910 Census in Glendive, Montana.

Daniel Winfield Dusing – Birth Certificate 1910

Apparently Dan’s father, Daniel Winfield was born there on 15 September 1910. After receiving 333 Acres of land, part of a homesteading agreement, they stayed long enough to have Daniel W. (1910), Leroy E. (1915), and Gene A. (1917). Because of severe drought, Homer Charles moved the family back to Indiana. [1920 Census in Indiana] This time he stayed in Indiana.

Daniel Winfield Dusing with wife Hazel Mae Baker (Dusing) in Muncie, Indiana

Daniel Winfield Dusing married Hazel Mae Baker on 11 June 1934, in Marion, Indiana. and they started their family. Their daughter (living) was born in 1937 and Daniel Denton (living) was born in 1940. Between 1941 and 1943 they lived in Muncie, Indiana. Not sure when they moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Daniel Winfield Dusing with son Daniel Denton Dusing (We think)

Daniel W. worked in a bakery and when World War II broke out, he was drafted. After the single young men were drafted, they started drafting married men. Because of Daniel W’s bakery experience, he was enlisted 30 Nov 1942 in the Navy as a Baker Petty Officer Third Class.

After training at the Great Lakes Naval Base, Illinois, he was sent to California. There he was assigned to be a baker on the USS Zielin APA-3. He reported onboard in 1 April 1943 and was still onboard as of 31 Dec 1943. [Resource]

USS Zielin taken by Daniel W Dusing

According to Wikipedia’s article about the USS Zielin, APA-3 the ship was hit by a kamikaze plane on 13 January 1945. Daniel W. was at his battle station, top-side, and broke his toe while running for cover. He brought back a piece of the plane when he returned home.

Navy Shellback Certificate [crossing the equator] for Daniel W Dusing 28 Sep 1943
His time with the Navy, according to sources [Veterans Affairs] Enlistment Date 11 Nov 1942; Release Date 11 Sep 1945. He suffered from Battle Fatigue and spent considerable time in the Veteran’s Hospital.

He later developed Hodgkin’s Disease, which caused his death on 24 May 1954.

According to Dan and his sister, he was a great father. They wish that he would have lived longer, of course. Dan was fourteen when his father passed away. Dan said his father used to take him fishing at Geist Reservoir, north of Indianapolis. They only caught small fish, that he remembers.

His father worked for an automobile manufacturing place pressing metal for doors. He still like to bake, and had brought home the cookbook he used while in the Navy. He would divide the recipes, and divide the recipe, and divide it again until the portions were right. He made great Cinnamon Rolls and other baked delights. So I am told!

Daniel Winfield Dusing with wife Hazel Mae Baker (Dusing) and Daniel Denton son and unknown child – Last photo taken of him. 1953

Happy Father’s Day!