Pedigree Chart Showing Birth and Place (Partial)

“And his brethren by their families, when the genealogy of their generations was reckoned,…” (1 Chronicles 5:7 KJV)

“Beside their genealogy of males, from three years old and upward, even unto every one that entereth into the house of the LORD,…; Both to the genealogy of the priests by the house of their fathers… And to the genealogy of all their little ones, their wives, and their sons, and their daughters, through all the congregation: for in their set office they sanctified themselves in holiness: (2 Chronicles 31:16-18 KJV)

It has been awhile since the last post. Much has gone on including a hugh update to my Birdwatching blog. Also, I just have Cataract Eye surgery, which is coming along well. I can see well enough to post.

Today there is an interesting chart to share with you. It is a Five Generation Chart that tracks the birth year and birth location of your ancestors. It is quite interesting and helps reveal their migrations.

Where are they from and where are they going?

The article, Migration Pedigree Chart, challenged me to try filling one in. It was created with an Excel spreadsheet and is easy to fill in. [If you have the data.] Here is what I have completed so far: [Before the surgery]

5 Generation Chart - Birth Places and Dates - Father's side
5 Generation Chart – Birth Places and Dates – My Father’s, Father’s side

Here is an interesting quote from the article:

“I’ve added percentages above the various columns. That is the approximate percentage of the DNA of the individual ancestors in that column that I carry.  If you look at the column furthest to the right, I carry 3.125% of each of those ancestors, on average.  When we think about autosomally matching other descendants of those ancestors who also carry perhaps 3.125%, it’s amazing that we match common segments at all, but we often do.”

To get the chart, click here, or better yet, read the two articles that explain this chart:

Migration Pedigree Chart

My Colorful Ancestry